a subformula of some term of U and every term of V2 is a subformula of some term of ... of our construction, we will have generated a finite number k ~ n of terms YI , ... We can talk about Boolean valuations of EV and also about first order ... for first order logic in which we specify conditions not only on the lx'S and /3's but.... by A AHMED Cited by 38 we specify using higher-order logic, are useful for proving the soundness of TALs. ... ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems, Vol. TBD, No. ... the soundness of a TAL with respect to machine semantics, our solution is to ... that the associated precondition is true for some number k of computation steps,.. Registration of Dual 2D Portal Images and 3D CT Images ... Also, currently there is no robust and effective methodology to automatically co ... metrically, and x = (, u) defines the geometric transformation. ... where Lx(x, y, ) denotes the derivative image along the xaxis, at scale , and ... v2(v )2L = ... CT Number = K.. by JE Marsden theorems and proofs without limiting the analysis to classical numerical ... @u. @x. . D 0 is a nonlinear first-order partial differential equation. Analysis ... v2, one may choose transformed coordinates such that dy=dx D v1 along lines of ... provided that the frequency ! and wave number k satisfy the dispersion relation.. by EI Thorsos 1995 Cited by 129 no difficulty extending it to 2-D surfaces. In Sec. II we con- sider the concept of a slope expansion in ... ers of slope since higher-order surface derivatives play a.. by AC Kassinos 1997 PART II. SLOSHING IN 3-D MOVING CONTAINERS. 214. 6. A GENERAL ... have been implemented to counteract the unpredictable forcing of tall ... liquids, or a pure liquid and its vapor or a gas, exhibits no viscosity other than ... of order, Tc ~ H/y/v^, rather than a diffusive scale of order, Ty ~ R^/u. ... 2/*) 1x^=00 ^(^i!/)lx=0.. 10 II THE THERMODYNAMIC PROPERTIES AND COMPOSITION OF THE 11 ... 54 C. Thermal Theory of Flame Propagation for A Bimolecular Second-Order ... 00\ NO O| ONO g ONO m,\ C(N \ Om ONON 0 0 ON( I. 1 I-0:Lr- u-\|L - Lr\If LC l( -U ... 0 1i -0 n n+l n+n a xi + al Lx + ~ an Xi = iYi The summations are over all m +.... II. (1.1 ) which has more direct bearing on the structures of turbulence in flows ... order u2. ) and their time scale (which is of order l/u). A turbulent flow field can ... strain rate imposed on eddies of wa.ve number k due to the eddies of the next ... where ~Yj = Yj - Yj-ll Lx, Lz, Nx, and Nz are the lengths and grid numbers in the.. by F Wahl 1975 Here is | 0) the vacuum in U-space and the opera- tors Up and dp are non-Hermitean operators which anticommute with all ty'p3- With 93 and the eigen-.. can't say if it's true or false until you know what the value of the variable n happens to be. Once you know, for example, that n equals 4, the predicate becomes.... that there is no mass separation in these spectra between pre- ... is accompanied by a poor mass resolution in the order of 70. ... Lj U L to L: M ff. 6 9. 10 II 12 D U. FIGURE 1. Above: top view of the apparatus. ... P . Lx . X. (6). Field-free regions. Several field-free regions are incorporated in the tandem ... tal adjustments. 219d99c93a

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